The Meaning of True Love

Movies and books and most any “love stories” often have an explanation of what true love is or what it can do.  True love will find one another like Snow White and Prince Charming in the show Once Upon A Time.  Death cannot stop true love for Wesley and Buttercup in The Princess Bride

But what does true love mean to me?

Butt cheeks.

True love to me is two butt cheeks.  Because no matter what crap happens between you two, you remain together. It may get dirty, and probably stink at times, but you remain together.

It just is right.

Have you ever seen a one-cheeked person? I haven’t, but I imagine it’d be peculiar, interesting, and then mildly sad. When they sit down, they’ll always be at a slant and feel like they just parked on a hill. It’s like something is missing.

What’s true love mean to you?