Oh. White people.

This video has been going  around and I like it. I’m Chinese and it reminds me of basically most of my childhood life and how I have been asked similar questions.

I remember a while back, while I was in a carpool with a friend on our way to work one day.  We always passed by this church that had a giant cross on top of it and at night that cross was lit up.  One day, I turned to my Caucasian friend and asked an honest question:

“Why do white people burn crosses?”

Of course, he was a bit taken aback from the question.  I knew he wasn’t part of the KKK or even from the south, but I still figured maybe white people just know about all white people activities. Much like, many people have asked me about China, even though I was born here in America and have never gone to China ever.

“Does everyone in China know kung fu?”

“How come every time you eat Chinese food, you get hungry again after an hour?”

“In Karate Kid, why do they call him ‘Daniel-san’? I mean is he like the son of Daniel?”

But I know it’s not good to generalize or stereotype people. Yet, I find myself doing it for humour’s sake at times.


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