Wolverine Bobblehead Universal Studios Florida

Wolvie’s Barbershop Now Open

We all know who Wolverine is — He’s that popular mutant from X-Men with adamantium claws. Razor sharp claws that easily can rip through must anything.

And yet, it makes me wonder, has Wolvie ever used his claws to give people haircuts?

And I’m talking more like a proper haircut. You know with his three claws, it’s like a Gillette Mach3 razor. The first blade lifts the hair, the second one cuts the hair. And finally, the third blade takes a little skin off the top.

I know Professor X has a real reason with having a bald head, but it still makes me wonder if there’s an uncut scene of Wolverine setting up a mock barbershop and giving ol’ Prof a little off the top.

Pete Holmes explores some aspect of the X-Men world with a Professor X hiring/firing habits in his various skits from his now-defunct talk show. Here are some that I liked. One deals with Wolverine and his usefulness to the team…especially taking into mind how their main adversary manipulates metal and Wolverine’s skeleton is covered in metal.

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