Old Thought for a Sunday

check it, i think they should come out with a holiday line of scarecrows with a jesus theme. i mean if you look at it, jesus nailed to the cross is really similar to the classic scarecrow design. in fact, i wonder if jesus did in fact inspire the first person to come up with the scarecrow.

as if a farmer thought about jesus, and was thinking, ‘you know what would scare off some birds from my crop…jesus… on the cross.” and eventually, the jesus scare crow got covered up with clothes, cause people don’t want to see a mostly nekkid jesus all the time. (plus, using a dead/dying body or recreating a skin texture would be difficult in older times- what with the lack of the innovations of prosthetics or plasticine for realistic skin texture). i mean it wasn’t his finest physical form at that time. cause i mean i think he got stabbed by a spear and looked a bit emaciated or whatnot.

anyways, back to the point. SCARECROW: Jesus Edition, just in time for christmas. the only bad thing is if the crows were phillistine or something, then they’d peck the shit out of jesus.

jesus. jesus. jesus. jesus. jesus.