han solo looks like he's holding air boobs.

Man thoughts – Conversations – Girlfriends and Food

scenario: Kitchen – office setting.

man 1 enters and pulls a tofu sandwich out of his lunch bag. Sees friend (man 2).

man2: “Hey, man. I didn’t know you’re a vegetarian.”

man1 “Oh. This. Nah, I’m not. You see my girlfriend is a vegetarian, so she made me this.”

man2 “That’s cool of her to do that.”

man 1 “Yea. She doesn’t eat meat, like chicken, pork, or beef. She even cut out eggs and whole milk. Me. On the other hand, I like to eat anything, well, except vagina of course. Man’s gotta have his limits.”

man2 “…”

han solo looks like he's holding air boobs.


Imaginary Conversations in My Brain

scenario: bathroom – office setting.

man 1 enters and washes his hands. Sees friend (man 2).

man2: “you wash your hands before you use the restroom?”

man1: “yea, well, its cause i just ate a burger and my hands kinda smell like meat, so i dont want to get that smell on my junk.”

man2: “oh ok.”

man1: “yea. plus my girlfriend’s a vegetarian so you know.”

make sense? cause sometimes i wonder if i do or not.