Placebo Vs Placenta – The Proper Meaning for Words

At one point, I thought placebo was the same as placenta.

But that’s not true, they are not interchangeable nouns. And to substitute either word in the wrong situation creates a new awkward moment.

Asking someone to give someone placenta to make them think that they are better, even though placenta is nothing…. doesn’t quite work right.

“Hey, you should give him a placenta. Don’t worry, it doesn’t really mean anything, in fact, if he doesn’t realize it, he might actually feel better. It’s all in the mind.

Furthermore, asking someone how a placenta tastes is not the same if you actually meant to say placebo.

“I’ve never had placenta before. Have you? Some people say it’s kinda sweet. I kinda want to try it and just make my own opinion.”

Conversely, asking if someone ever saved their placebo after a birth is not as inquistively awkward as originally intended.

just a thought. for a moment.