Quick Bits – Underwear

You know… it sounds silly, but I like fresh just washed and dried underwear. You know, when it’s still warm from the dryer. And then you put it on and its like such an all encompassing warmth. It’s like three warm hands are cradling you – two for your bum, and one for your crotch.

But it’s not like it’s molesting you. It’s just really supportive and comforting in some weird fashion. No?

However, then I think about the possible repercussions of putting on warm to hot underwear on. I’m a man. So, having warmth on my goods isn’t that good for my troops. So, although it is interesting and nice feeling, I often have to not do it – for the sake of my future children.


Crotchless panties. It’s so you can air out the parts up front but still have that support in the back. So, if you decide to poop, you now have a carriage.

Crotchless panties. It’s like saying, ‘Hey. This is way more functional than having a zipper or a clothe porthole.”