Love is Blind — Marriage is the Eye Opener

I got married. It’s almost a whole year of being married. It’s an interesting journey and I love my wife. For the wedding, I was planning on saying some elaborate thank you speech. However, with all the hustle and bustle of planning the wedding, I forgot about it.

Still, I wrote a couple of potential speeches. The following is partly from before the wedding, but now I edited a bit.

It all starts with a quote.

Love is blind — marriage is the eye-opener.
— Pauline Thomason

Who is Pauline Thomason? I dont know.

Regardless, it’s true.

A common phrase is “Love is blind” and well, marriage is an eye opener. What you saw before is almost the same, but you get even more. If you don’t live together, now you can see how the other person lives; and that’s an eye opener. From a guy’s perspective, you see hair that isn’t yours on the ground or in the shower — new weird devices used for crimping hair, or curling it are now randomly placed across the bathroom counter. All I knew was just the hair dryer and a comb, maybe a hair clip, but all these other things? How peculiar. And then there’s that cylindrical Polly-O string cheese looking shape thing that is in a paper wrapper (Note, it’s not string cheese at all).

But that’s just the surface of it all. It’s just me being silly. What will happen is that your eyes will open and you’ll see the person you love in new eyes. This isn’t just your “significant other” anymore… it’s your life mate. It’s the person that will feed you soup when you’re ill [or maybe cook you (instant) ramen if that’s your healing source of choice]. The one to hold your hand at a family’s funeral. The one who will hug you at the end of a bad day…or even on a good day or an average day. This is the person you not only still love, but you’re married to (for life).

They’ll be bad times, this is just known as that is just the way of life at times — Ups and downs, like a roller coaster.  But keep your eyes open, so you can see the person who is next to you, who stands with you in spite of tough times. Keep your eyes open and see who’s hand you’re holding. Keep your eyes open to see the one you love looking back at you.  Love can be blind, but marriage is the eye opener.

Technically, as a thank you speech, it doesn’t quite work since I didn’t quite include a “thank you” part. It was really just my thoughts on marriage and what it means to me. And now that I have some experience as a married person, I have to say, I like it. I love coming home to my wife. I love sleeping next to her and waking up to her.

I’m happy.

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