Random Rhymes – Airport Thoughts

Call it poetry or whatever you want. On the occasion, I just like to write lines that rhyme, cause it just entertains me. This one was written when I was waiting at the airport and the plane was late because the pilots were delayed on their flight in.  And so here it goes…


but you know what i don’t care for?
waiting at the airport
plane delayed much to my dismay
i wish science had already invented teleportation

and so science fiction becomes science fact
and i think i like the sound of that.
cause with a button push and a dial turn with ease
you get from point a to point b ever so easily.

and it may sound extreme
but it’d still cost the same amount of green
and airports become teleports and you still line up before your time is up

so gates and rates still apply,
just there’d be less need to fly.
but i suppose if i close my eyes when i fly
and sleep for a flights duration
it’d almost be like it was teleportation.
but it doesn’t amend the thought of a plane delay
cause the pilots don’t land till later that day.

and so exists such a mental flow
even though i should already know
that the invention of flight is already genius
i’m just caught up in the matters of personal convenience